Magnolia Shoals - BLVD

After releasing their beautiful, melancholic debut album “Tenants” last year, Magnolia Shoals decided to cheer up a little, search for a brighter side of life and the effect of that search is their new single “BLVD”.

Don’t be mislead though, the band didn’t resign from their heavier, thoughtful sound and lyrics. But here and there, there are rays of sunshine coming from “BLVD”. The playful sound of organs, the video which shows a really wonderful look back into older (maybe better) times… The new song is a little bit like a musical postcard or letter. From someone who wants to share their best memories with you, dear listener. From someone who keeps what’s best of them, but who is also longing to the time that will never come back…

The title of the song – “BLVD” (a short from “boulevard”) – gives it a whole new dimension. Makes the song into a musical walk. What are we all longing for the most? The times of our childhood when we were running around the streets, playing and not worrying about anything. Madness sang about “our house in the middle of our street” and it seems like Magnolia Shoals is trying to go back to that street, that boulevard of their childhood in their new single. And they want to take you with them, dear listener.

Open your mind and let them – you won’t regret it.

Stream “BLVD” on SoundCloud and don’t miss the wonderful music video to it, directed by Palle Demand of Fuzzcake Films, on YouTube.

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