Roskilde Festival 2016 starts TODAY and already from tomorrow on you can listen to some outstanding upcoming artists warming up for a week-long celebration of music, summer and life. One of our absolute must-see (warm-up) acts at this year’s Roskilde Festival is the new psychedelic pop project Masasolo.

The band around mastermind Morten Søgaard has so far only released two dreamy summer singles – but these songs telling about all the ups and downs of love already show so much potential that even Roskilde’s bookers couldn’t resist. You shouldn’t either and instead mark your calendars for Masasolo’s show tomorrow: Sunday, 26. June – 15:30 – Rising.

In order to introduce the project a little better, Good because Danish asked Morten from Masasolo a few questions about what we can expect of their show and what memories he connects with Roskilde Festival.

How would you describe Masasolo’s music to someone who has never heard it before?

EARMILK described it as “an easy listening kind of psychedelia” and I think maybe they are onto something there. The music has many layers, sometimes advanced chord structures and a lot of effects, but I always try to make the core a great melody – just like the ones you know from pop songs :-)

Do you have anything special planned for the Roskilde show?

Roskilde is something special in itself, so we don’t want to make it too extravagant. This is also our fourth concert, so we just wanna give people a chance to listen to us and get to know the rest of the music (we only have 2 singles out). But of course there is gonna be a surprise, but if we tell it here we’re gonna ruin it.

Are you a Roskilde-virgin or Roskilde-veteran?

Most definitely veterans :-) All of us have been coming here since our early teens and the festival has always played a huge part in growing up. We grew up in the rural Denmark and this was a week every year where you could actually go and listen to your favorite bands and hang out with like-minded people. And we are not done with this at all.

What’s your favourite Roskilde Festival memory?

There are so unbelievably many to choose from. There’s a ton of concerts – like Jack White at Orange Stage in 2014 (Oh My Glob), NERD and the crowd surfing in 2004, Bjork in the rain (there was a lot of rain that year) in 2007, or maybe the best sounding concert I’ve ever seen when Radiohead played in 2008. Those are just some of the many great concerts. But other than that there a many fantastic memories of dancing, partying and falling in love.

How would you call your (imaginary) Roskilde camp?

We will call our camp “The Hospital” because most of us living there are currently in need of medical attention. This is a true story.

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