Danish act M.I.L.K.Roskilde Festival 2016 has started and from today on you can listen to some outstanding upcoming artists warming up for a week-long celebration of music, summer and life. One of our absolute must-see (warm-up) acts at this year’s Roskilde Festival is breezy dream pop act M.I.L.K.

With only three released singles, the project around front figure Emil Wilk has already gained the title as Danish ambassador of summer songs. The smooth, tropical tunes literally transport you to a mental beach and beam a summer drink into your hand. Sounds pretty much like Roskilde Festival, right? Well, then get yourself your favourite cold drink and don’t miss M.I.L.K.’s show tomorrow: Monday, 27. June – 20:00 – Street.

In order to introduce the duo, Good because Danish asked M.I.L.K.’s singer Emil a few quick questions about how to describe the music  he’s making and his favourite memory of Roskilde Festival.

How would you describe M.I.L.K.’s music to someone who has never heard it before?

Songs for those situations where you laying on the beach with a chilled glass of rosé in one hand and another glass of rosé in the other hand.

Do you have anything special planned for the Roskilde show?

We’ll play songs from my upcoming EP for the first time.

Are you a Roskilde-virgin or Roskilde-veteran?

I’ve been down there every year since 2007. So, kind of veteran I guess.

What’s your favourite Roskilde Festival memory?

My first year in 2007 it rained more than ever before at the festival. It only started on the first day at the festival during a concert with Bjørk. It was so epic. The mix of her nature-fairy-sounds and the sky that just opened completely.

How would you call your (imaginary) Roskilde camp?

Man I Love Kokomo

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