photo by Nick McKinlay

Photo by Nick McKinlay

Sometimes there are just too many great songs popping up in our Good because Danish inbox. We simply can’t cover it all! Therefore, we came up with a series that makes it easier for us to share even more great Danish music gems.

Every now and then, we will be posting a small selection of these gems – including a short, crisp description and some info to the selected artists and songs. Since spring is blossoming all around and summer is on its way, we stumbled upon many energetic, playful and intriguing songs. Listen to a few of them in our INBOX CHECK #06 and dive into great Danish music:

Lucaléy – “Earth”

Yes, yes, yes! That’s the only word we have on our lips after listening to Lucaléy’s latest single “Earth”. It delivers such a dose of positive energy and brings a smile to our faces. The joyful electro-pop sounds, mixed with playfully synthesised vocals taste like a delicate foam on the surface of a fruity cocktail. Try it!

“”Earth” is the victorious pop single Earth’s been dying to hear.” (Flaunt Magazine L.A.)

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SLOWOLF – “White Feathers” (feat. Kimbra)

The electro-extravaganza DJ and producer SLOWOLF recently released the EP “White Feathers”, with a title track featuring a very special guest – “Somebody That I Used To Know”-Kimbra! Her steel cold, yet tempting vocals fit really well to SLOWOLF’s twisted sound. Something tells us that these two are like a combination of ice and fire, but can you tell which one is which, while listening to the single “White Feathers”? Figuring it out through music is fascinating…

“It’s a body shaker, for sure. Press play, below. You’re in for something special.” (

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Tjaere+Fjer – “Party”

Tjaere+Fjer is the solo-project of Danish musician, producer and sound-artist Jens Christian Madsen. The single “Party” comes from his album “Voliere” (which will be out on 20. June) and would be the perfect soundtrack to the new movie “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. The song has mystery, madness, tenderness, passion, desire and the sadness, that can’t be caught.

“(…) it’s as fragile and transparent as it is electrified and haunting. Like a delicate prologue for a film, the song quietly establishes the drama and themes of the entire album. In many ways ‘Party’ is a classic singer-songwriter piece, and yet it’s also wonderfully ambiguous, offering a depth of emotion and a wealth of creativity.” (Anthem Review)

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The Ball and The Wall – “Thinnest Air” (feat. Selina Gin)

There something hauntingly beautiful in the way that Selina Gin from Nelson Can brings 80’s/90’s rock vibes into the new The Ball and The Wall single. The combination of straightforward popish sounds and the “wow factor” of trumpets gives a really cool touch to “Thinnest Air”. It brings back images from the movie “Chicago”, but The Ball and The Wall keeps things fresh in this song! He managed to share another intriguing collaboration, after songs with Clara Sofie and with Ida Wenøe.

“In January 2016 I locked myself in my studio for 7 days 24 hours a day to produced a 30 minute long song, colaborating with 30 different musicians I have invited to join me. It was a great experience and it ended up a musical ride now called “UNIFY”. Single “Thinnest Air” is taken from it.” (The Ball And The Wall)

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