Vida Sophia - Soundtrack EP

Nathalia Sophia Barat aka Vida Sophia is an exciting newcomer from the wealthy Danish underground. The promising Copenhagen-based star unveiled her debut EP “Soundtrack” on 13. May. It will sweep you off your feet!

When you start to listen to the EP, you’re going to realize that Vida Sophia is not a typical electro-pop girl. She is much more blessed with tenderness and sensitivity than we expected, cause the very first words on the “Soundtrack”-EP are “Your sadness in my mind”. Extraordinarily, it starts with a personal monologue, submitted in a less than 2 minutes long invitation.

“Power” has everything to be an immediately addictive track. Vida Sophia delivers impassioned vocals and love-and-separation-like lyrics with the warmth and imagination of a great storyteller.

“Rumination” mixes electronic beats with her raw, intense voice, creates uncontrollable vibes and takes us into the artist’s cosmic space. A deep warm sweet green breeze is blowing and shimmering over the listener from the beginning. However, after a while you might realize that you’ve been entangled into confused interpersonal relationships. Only an empty underwater town should be the goal for undecided, thoughtful lovers. If not, they’re going to chase after heavy heat and the rumination feels free – Vida Sophia is warning everyone of this danger.

Before she takes us to the next song, she is enchanting us with a short interlude entitled “Soundtrack Interlude”. The track is really fitting for it, and it’s a cool way to allow the listener to stop for a moment and recreate the music story in one’s mind. Now it’s an easy way to “Royal Line”. Once again, both musically and lyrically, it proves Vida Sophia’s huge potential. Love things aren’t always what they seem to be and we can truly hear that here.

The latest single “Contour” is definitely the best one from the newcomer. “A place where everything can happen, and everything around you is nothing but contours”, says Vida Sophia about her melancholic and deeply thrilling tune. It seems like she wanted to tell something more about the shallow way how people are perceiving each other rather than seeing what’s really there. She sings for all of them who cast this troubled spell, waiting for the day when time will turn into gold. She deals with the contradiction of loving someone, giving her entire self with the possibility of getting hurt. “Contour” is a well-produced drum’n’bass affected electronic track, which promotes her debut EP perfectly.

Vida Sophia’s EP “Soundtrack” is definitely a project that has to be recognized. Now it’s out on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes. Check it out!

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