My Heart The Brave - Runner

These days I was caught in this mood that hits you when it is all grey, rainy and melancholic outside, this lame feeling just after having had a few sunny days before. So I was craving for new tunes that would drag me out of my bed and get into a more energetic vibe again. And luckily my savior was close: I hit the play-button of “Runner” – the latest single of Caspar Hesselager aka. My Heart the Brave.

The epic-like intro of “Runner”, that doesn’t hide Caspar’s background as classical piano player, kicks in right from the beginning. When listening to the first tunes of the song, it feels to me like the thick velvet curtain of bad mood starts to open itself, and finally a few sparkles of sun glisten through it. May sound a bit heavy, but just try it – it may work for you as well!

After the piano-based intro, “Runner” builds up rather slowly, but then soon gains pace and starts to be more synth-based. With its imaginary lyrics the scenery of the song becomes clear very fast and you will have your own dreamy imaginations sooner than later when listening to the song. At the latest when the chorus “and you feel like a runner” kicks in, you will be over your dreary mood and rather be out of bed, moving your feet.

The deeper you get into the song, the more you will love its texture, melody and sophisticated arrangements. And the more you listen to “Runner”, the more impatient you will get for the upcoming full-length album of My Heart the Brave, which will be out in fall 2016.

Now it is your turn – take your time and let My Heart the Brave turn you into a “Runner”. But be cautious – you might want to hear it again and again and again.

Listen to it on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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