KIM - Low - Artwork by Kathrin Kolmos Towle

Artwork by Kathrin Kolmos Towle

If George Michael had a baby with the good old boyband Westlife and that baby would have Michael Bublé’s charm, OneRepublic’s flow, a little bit of joy from MGMT’s music and a little bit of this unexplainable bittersweet Danishness – that baby could be KIM.

Kim Vagn Wagner alias KIM already attracted our attention with his song “Bleeding Hearts”, now with his debut EP “Low” he earned a full mention on the blog. Why? Because he makes good pop music – that’s why!

I have the feeling that music lovers often degrade pop music, thinking since it’s all about easy tunes, it must be easy to make a good pop song. Well, I think we are all wrong in such a way of thinking. Otherwise the world would be full of pop stars and let’s be honest – right now I can just think of a few real ones (hats off to Miss Taylor Swift, Mrs. Beyoncé, Mr. Justin Timberlake and … yep, exactly).

KIM can stay in line for the race with the best pop artists without shame and complexes. He is making first steps compared to the huge names that were mentioned above, but these steps already show that with a little bit of effort and a little bit of luck – he can go far.

Catchy, but not cheesy melodies, pleasing vocals, a great balance between danceable songs and ballads – the EP “Low” has it all. Each of 4 songs is well though out, well produced and well performed. Which is all a good pop song needs and which isn’t so easy to achieve.

Turn on KIM’s EP “Low” and have a taste of how quality can be heard in pop. Especially in my personal summer hit of 2016 – the title track “Low”!

The EP is available on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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