Truly delighted with the new single of young Danish band Solhverv, we’re once again filled with this feeling that there are still so many talented and prosperous musicians representing the Danish music scene.

Solhverv is a Copenhagen-based band consisting of five not even 18 years old guys: Lau (guitar), Oskar (vocal), Salik (guitar and synth), Markus (bass) and August (drums). They’ve been playing all together for one year and it doesn’t seem like it would be just for fun – they play good, mature and fresh music and have concrete plans to release an EP with both old songs and new ones, that they’re still working on.

We asked them to describe their music and that’s, what Solhvers said: “Our music is based on the idea of writing songs with great contrasts: both dynamic but also contrasted with characteristic classical singers and the restless, sometimes even destructive instrumentation. What is hugely important to us and our universe is also poetry. The lyrics originate often from poems written by guitarist Lau.”

Solhverv admits that their music has its expression within the Danish indie-tradition and names such as Nikolaj Nørlund or C.V. Jørgensen have to some extent influenced them. English bands like The Smiths or The Cure and the great experimental sounds from the 70s play a significant role as well.

The new single “Inderste By” is formed within a classic pop/rock structure. Solhverv adds that “it’s considered as one of the more conventional numbers. The hovering around a trance formed guitar theme and lead singer Oskar’s classical vocals. The text is youthful and even a little naive, and you can clearly feel a sense of moving into a center of something very beautiful. Almost like to get into your memories.”

On YouTube you can find the single and music video that consists of self-recorded clips from the time when all these five talented guys met together, already as a group.

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