SPOT-Festival-2016 GbD recommendations NEWThis year I go to SPOT Festival to blow off some steam. To drink beer, meet with friends, have fun. And to release the tension while listening to good music. And what’s better than good rock riffs and drums solos to shake your head, jump your ass off and simply have a great time? (rhetorical question of course ;) ).

SPOT Festival is an awesome event if you want to see what’s going on in different genres of Danish music. I decided to check this year, what’s going on in the Danish rock scene and if rock’n’roll died in Denmark or not. Who’s gonna help me to find out? Here’s my top 3 rock bands to check out at SPOT Festival 2016:


Their debut album from 2014 is still one of the records I come back to the most, when it comes to rock music. Catching half of their show at Roskilde Rising 2014 wasn’t enough. Time to find out if those guys could be the same for Denmark, as Editors are for England.


Good old school rock can be heard in Electric Elephants‘ music. And when you see references to Frank Zappa and Black Sabbath – well, all you can do it book your time for their show! Especially after hearing such great vibe coming from the single “Dead Man”.


I’ve been going around checking out those guys for a long time now. Why? Mostly because the first riffs of “Electric Lady” remind me of my beloved band Soundgarden. And because that’s all that is similar and everything else seems to be really fresh. 11th Street Kids (a side-project of members of The Floor Is Made Of Lava) is definitely a “must see” for me at this year’s SPOT Festival!

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