Love is an ultimate topic when it comes to music. Not only when it comes to cozy pop ballads. Electronic music can also take love as inspiration. Vakle proves this in her new remix of Tonny Flex‘ song “It’s True”. Good because Danish is happy to premiere the remix today – and to invite you to join us on the journey through the slightly quirky, multi-dimensional world of Vakle’s sound.

Vakle is the stage name of Danish producer Pia Christensen, who comes from Southern Jutland, but mastered her music skills at Point Blank Music College in London. After releasing her own single “BOY”, she decided to take “It’s True” by fellow Danish electronic producer Tonny Flex on her plate and turn it into a weirdly soothing gem.

“This Vakle remix of Tonny Flex’s pop song ‘It’s True’ is a very chilled down version. The lyrics are about loving someone so much that you would do anything for them. And one thing to take notice of in the remix is the whip sounding snare sound. Go figure.” – says the artist about the song.

Sometimes making a remix is taking the original song, breaking it into pieces and creating a new picture out of the puzzles by adding some parts from outside the box. The final image never looks like the one from the original “box”, but can be as beautiful and inspiring. This is exacly what Vakle’s remix of “It’s True” is.

She took the core of Tonny Flex’ song and surrounded it with a web of her very own, original sounds. The result is intriguing and soothing, however not in an obvious way.

Listen to Vakle’s remix of “It’s True” on SoundCloud – and keep an eye out on this exciting new name of the Danish electronic scene!

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