SPOT-Festival-2016 GbD recommendations NEWEvery year, SPOT Festival demands incredible planning skills and irreproachable timing, as well as some trading and sacrifices in order to make my schedule both as complete as possible, but also humanly feasible. This year again the struggle is real, fighting between my overwhelming joy of seeing the festival season kicked off again with the possibility to see some of my favourite Danish artists live again and my willingness to discover some new kick-ass music.

However, SPOT being above all a showcase festival for new talents, I have decided to primarily go after bands I have never seen live and/or I won’t have many possibilities to see live (until they go world-famous, of course!). This means also that I will (exceptionally!) also check out some foreign artists.

Of course, I won’t forget my old flames like The Entrepreneurs, Lowly, Kentaur or The Awesome Welles, but now it’s time for some new blood! Here are 3 new names, which I am particularly looking forward to discover live for the first time.

1. Pale Honey (SE)

Swedish indie rock at its finest! Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey are Pale Honey and their rock is pretty minimalistic but yet rich of contrasts; sometimes playful, sometimes melancholic, feminine and trashy at the same time, their sound has it all! My ultimate crush for this edition of SPOT Festival. Since I discovered their self-entitled debut album from 2015 a few weeks ago, I have hardly listened to anything else. Can’t wait!

2. Axel Flóvent (IS)

Singer-songwriter in the purest Icelandic tradition. Axel Flóvent has released his first EP “Forest Fires” in January this year, 4 songs of nostalgic low-key folk that have this special ability to completely empty your head and let your mind wander far, far away.

3. LEW

And finally a Danish name as well! I discovered LEW through SPOT Festival’s Spotify playlist for this year. I instantly liked the melancholic melody of the track “Lights On” and the slightly retro voice of Sara Lewis, aka LEW. My curiosity is piqued – bring it on SPOT 2016!

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