Copenhagen-based producer known as SIBA is going to be successful with brand new debut EP “Fruits”, released on 18. March. We’ve waited a long time for this new accurately named record to come out – it’s finally here.

Obviously, music owners and self-producers will rock the world soon, they are moving on the right path to do it. Aspiring to be huge, SIBA started when he was 15 years old in the parents’ basement, listening to stuff like Basshunter, Backstreet Boys or DJ Zany and experimenting with every genre of music. Finally, few years later he was well-experienced and prepared to release his first tracks “Promise” and “You are my <3” via SoundCloud and to reach more than 200k streams. Followed by “Mango”, “Kiwi”, “Cherry”, “Blackberry” and “Pomegranate” – not the ingredients filling my fridge, but the titles on SIBA’s debut “Fruits”. This bunch might be even as tasty as the real ones.

SIBA is one of those artists who can throw conventionality out the window well and served us a juicy production within a completely new range of sounds. If you’re listening to this brilliance you will be filled by unreal beats and pulled out into exotic wildness. Don’t wait any longer and play the great tracks to unleash a huge amount of endorphins into your blood. From the beginning dope beats are spreading like a wildfire through the body.

Don’t wanna favor any gems, but “Kiwi” blew me away. Because of its freshness, tropical-sounding percussions which immediately envelop and grab the attention of the listener. SIBA has some pretty, remarkable style. I would say that he’s like a mix of Flume, Years & Years, slightly of Sweden-based CEO as well, with some 90’s disco-smattered hyper pop and chillwave-inspired falsetto.

The new effort is undeniably catchy, glossed-out electronic-pop music. Surely, there’s no doubt at all that the addictive bouncy tones will reel you right back into it, so dig in, and don’t be afraid to follow him.

Stream SIBA’s EP “Fruits” on YouTube or Spotify.

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