Select Captain - Out of the way

Whenever it has been a long day, a hard work week or you simply feel exhausted and a bit overwhelmed with everything that has come your way, then it is time for Kristian Gaarskjaer alias Select Captain and his current track “Out Of The Way”.

You start listening to the soft, melodic and comforting voice, hear his words and will feel an instant relief. You will literally feel how the tension and the stress within your system fall off your shoulders. At first you might have the feeling you must be listening to a typical North-American singer-songwriter. You are not so wrong then, because this also corresponds to Select Captain’s own faible for American songwriting traditions. But when you listen closer you’ll know soon enough that you are not. Even if Select Captain has a slight tendency towards the typical American songwriting, you can still clearly hear that his roots are in Denmark. You can sense the calm, the peaceful mindset and a touching melody behind the track. And not only that; with “Out Of The Way” Select Captain also combines fragility with almost pop-related arrangements.

But back to how Select Captain’s newest piece can be your long needed comfort and relief: The deep and intense voice of Kristian makes you start dreaming away with him, his quiet melody makes you lay back and then you will see for yourself… you will just relax, focus on his words and just stop time for a quiet and peaceful moment. And even if the song gains a bit of tempo after some lines, it still remains a slow, meaningful song that will just carry you from line to line of its lyrics.

Its very special timbre and atmosphere make “Out Of The Way” the perfect soundtrack for laying down with a cup of tea or sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine – and then you will just wish that you would have hit the repeat-button and the song will never stop and you can continue dreaming with Kristian.

Isn’t that exactly what we need music for sometimes?

So better get close to your favourite spot at home, put your comfy clothes on and get ready to hear one more extraordinary Danish voice!

Listen to Select Captain’s “Out Of The Way” on SoundCloud.

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