JACOB FAURHOLT – Floating In Space

It looks great and sounds even better. Welcome to the magical world of Jacob Faurholt who invites all of you to take part in a dreamy and a bit chaotic adventure.

The single “Floating Space” opens the newest album of the Copenhagen­-based musician – Jacob Faurholt. It’s the first time that he recorded something outside his bedroom and the output simply delights.

While listening to the song and watching the music video, we go into another dimension – full of unfulfilled dreams and longing for someone that matters the most. The steady sounds basically float trying to escape and touch gently our sensitivity. The colourful video, inspired by a surrealistic convention and the imaginative world of a child, stimulates every single nerve in our floating body, but also makes us nostalgic at the same time.

The lyrics, music and video complement each other in a subtle way and capture the essence of an artistic vision of a Danish musician that’s obviously worth getting to know by everyone, who’s looking for something unpretentious.

Watch the music video on YouTube. You can also find more of Jacob Faurholt’s songs on Spotify.