Ida Gard - Womb ALBUMEveryone who knows Ida Gard knows that she is a woman with many faces. She can be loud, funny and rocking. She can be sensitive, softspoken and quiet. She can be funny, sexy and sophisticated. But she is always powerful and so is “Womb” – her third album that has just been launched few weeks ago, in mid-February.

Influenced by thoughts about growing up and feelings during adolescence and teenage years and impacted by Mikael Niemi’s novel “Popular music from Vittula” her album “Womb” is an energetic album that shows Ida in a very holistic and truthful way and an album that catches you from the first moment on.

You hit the play-button and “The Heat”, one of the singles of “Womb”, crawls in your ears right away. When you hear Ida chant “Bring it on” – this is the moment when you have already forgotten how it was before Ida was one of your favorite Danish musicians, and you are asking yourself why you haven’t listened more to her before. The track will rather leave you impatient to hear more of her, and more and more…

And when listening to more songs on the album, I was – as expected – not disappointed. No matter if listening to the energetic title track “Womb” or to “Whatever It Takes to Get to China”, you can clearly feel a truthful Ida Gard as storyteller behind the lines of her songs. You perceive her as more confident and full of character than ever.

With having rocking songs as well as some acoustic and some surprisingly cheerful tracks the new album of Ida Gard is definitely one that will stay in your ears and will make you want to hear more from her!

And if listening to “Womb” is not enough for you, you should use the chance to see her live on her current tour around Germany and Denmark.

Check out Ida Gard’s new album on Spotify, Bandcamp or her website.

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