Whatever you think about Valentine’s Day, you’re not getting around love songs today (or ever, for that matter). Whether they are guilty pleasures, kitschy heartbreakers or the perfect soundtrack to make out to – hands down, we simply love love songs! Inspired by today’s cheesy hallmark holiday, we put together some of our personal favourite Danish love songs for you to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist. 

Whoever you’re spending your Sunday with – your better half, your family, roomie, best friend or your boyfriend pillow – we hope you have a good one with these songs! Much love (and some wet virtual kisses) from the whole Good because Danish team. Mwah! ❤️

Turboweekend – “I Forgot”

SIMONE: Often too cheesy, often a bit plain – that is what comes to my mind first when thinking about love songs in general. However, as probably everyone, I have one, that would always come to my mind immediately when thinking about love songs. Turboweekend’s “I Forgot”. Maybe not the happiest love song ever, but well, are they always supposed to be happy? Anyway if there is one love song in the Danish music universe I would go for – then it is this one!

Asbjørn – “We We We”

ARLETTA: My favorite Danish love song comes from Asbjørn. There’s an extremely special, one of a kind intimacy between two people who are in love. And one of the best musical projections of such intimacy between two lovers is for me “We We We” from Asbjørn’s debut album “Sunken Ships”. And the perfect description of a couple of lovers is coming from lyrics of “We We We” as well: “We melt, melt, melt (…) and we’re still hungry for more”.

Blue Foundation – “Bonfires”

VERO: Oldie but Goldie! THE ultimate Danish love song for me is “Bonfires” by Blue Foundation, a song from 2004 that appears on the album “Sweep of Days”. What I find particular about this song is that it somehow lets you with some sort of schizophrenic feeling; It is in a way a “happy sad song”, which works just as well if you’re newly in love or heartbroken (sorry). “… With your hand in mine / You stroke my fears away / And make me wanna stay …” Seriously? Call me cheesy if you want. Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

Dragonborn feat. Jacob Bellens – “The Words”

JASMIN: I’m a sucker for bittersweet love songs and those that wrap their hopelessness in uplifting melodies. They simply come closest to real life love stories than happy-go-lucky-tracks. One that became really dear to me for a multitude of personal reasons is “The Words” by Dragonborn feat. Jacob Bellens. “…You hold the line that holds my heart / Don’t let go of that / The stars that keep on falling down / Will shine on us forever / We’ll disappear without a sound / On wings of hopeless dreams…” – This.

Lowly – “Daydreamers”

ELVIRA: What turns you more into a daydreamer than love and romance? It doesn’t really matter if it is a happy love or a heart wrecking meltdown – escaping from reality will always be necessary and/or inevitable. This lovely Lowly tune sparkles and shimmers yet it’s not too obvious of a love song for you people that want to express feelings for your object of daydreaming, but in a low-key way. And if there’s no one in particular you fancy, don’t worry, there’s always daydreaming.

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