Ok, already when being in the audience in Munich’s Milla Club for Lydmor & Bon Homme, a few minutes after the show started, I knew this is going to be difficult. How am I supposed to write about this show without using superlatives or adding some “wows” and “oohs” in every paragraph of the article? So I had to let emotions settle for a bit. But now, even after having cooled down for a few days I can still only say that it seems the perfect match of Danish musicians has been found with Lydmor & Bon Homme alias Jenny Rossander and Tomas Høffding. 

Even though the show started still a tiny bit slow and with more quiet songs, you could already feel the energy between both of them when they entered the stage. It was a true pleasure to see how they have a close eye on each other and how their performance seemed to harmonize. No matter how easy going and how relaxed the show seemed to move on, you could still see two very precise musicians behind it.

With more songs coming also more energy was spread by Lydmor & Bon Homme and the audience has been infected by it right away. The crowd was amazed by Jenny who seemed like an extraordinary mix between wildcat, sexy seducer and fragile girl. Especially when she left the stage and sang from the crowd you felt like people would never let her go back. Tomas nevertheless appeared as if he is totally himself when being Bon Homme. Relaxed and enjoying himself.

After starting off with songs like “Go Fingers Go”, and delighting the audience with songs like “Tear Us Apart Again” or “Vanity” and their more well-known tracks “Things We Do For Love” and “Dream of Fire” where everyone sang along, the climax of the concert was reached with “Trampoline”. Lydmor laying on the floor in the middle of the audience during the song and Bon Homme getting wild on stage astonished everyone, and also Lydmor herself was a bit surprised as she stated: “This song has gone wilder and wilder from performance to performance – who knows where we will end”.

1,5 hours later they had to leave but still signed some vinyls and both – audience and band – were sure: we soon have to meet again! And whoever of you has the chance to see Lydmor & Bon Homme any time soon: Better run and get your tickets – you will love it! Pure Danish energy and passion is waiting for you! Check out some of the upcoming tour dates HERE.

Photos by Simone Mitterer

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