Line Bogh - Fix Me

Unconventional but familiar, thoughtful but engaging, intimate but powerful – this is what comes to my mind when listening to Line Bøgh’s single “Fix Me”. Being part of her new album “Something Else And Something Else And Something Else Again”, the track starts soft, to cascading piano tunes. But soon Line drags us more and more into the song and the still softer piano tunes change into a more tempo-rich beat that could for a moment even make you think you are listening to a soul-like song.

Once the song gained tempo it even gets me into a swinging mood that makes you turn around yourself and just sing along with Line, even though the lyrics are not as happy as the tunes may appear on the first view. At the latest when watching the video for the song, where Line is laying in a hospital bed begging to stay there for a while, you feel that the tunes may have irritated you and it is not just a happy dancy melody to sing along.

So Line offers us an interesting combination: first she makes it easy to feel comfortable with her music and you feel like you may already know her quite well. But then, when digging deeper into “Fix Me”, the song feels more unconventional than you have thought and makes you think more than you would have expected.

When listening to Line you can clearly hear that she comes from a very musical background. She grew up in a family where music always played a big role, and since 2015 she has been touring with her sister Johanne and her brother Rasmus. Together they bring in experimental sounds as well as classic pop-tunes and so developed their own form of music which sounds as raw as familiar, as unconventional as intimate.

You don’t know Line Bøgh yet? Then better press play fast and prick up your ears – interesting Danish tunes are waiting for you.

Listen to “Fix Me” and watch the video to it on YouTube.

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