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Sometimes there are just too many great songs popping up in our Good because Danish inbox. We simply can’t cover it all! Therefore, we came up with a series that makes it easier for us to share even more great Danish music gems.

Every now and then, we will be posting a small selection of these gems – including a short, crisp description and some info to the selected artists and songs. Take a look at our first INBOX CHECK of the year and dive into great Danish music:

KIM – “Bleeding Hearts”

This world needs good, simple, pleasant pop music. KIM delivers exactly that with his single “Bleeding Hearts”.

“A starry and cosmic production meets a charmingly quirky vocal delivery.” (

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Baby Blood – “Figurine”

Lucy Love’s new alter ego – Baby Blood – shows a slightly disturbing, intoxicating side of this well-known, inspiring Danish artist.

“The whole thing is anthemic and reminiscent of nights spent staying up far too late in the cool summer air. Needless to say “Figurine” couldn’t be any more delicious if it tried.” (Wonderland Magazine)

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ANYA & ELOQ – “Cash Flow”

Pepsi recently invited Anya and ELOQ to spend 48 hours in a cabin and make music together. The result of this collaboration is the easy-going, smooth song “Cash Flow”, which won’t stroke you with power, won’t make you fall asleep with delicacy, but will keep you in a nice, cozy place between these two states.

“Upcoming Danish electronic and RnB singer Anya and her incredibly sweet and soulful voice. As for ELOQ, who’s also Danish, is, whom he describes as a “futureshit, popcrunk, spacelean, astrofunk” artist (it makes sense once you’ve listened to his stuff).” (Stereofox)

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Eucrid Elms – “Strange Lights” (EP)

Dreamy guitar sounds, strong country-like vocals, a slightly quirky atmosphere – you can find it all on Eucrid Elms’ EP “Strange Lights”. Lovely tunes will remind you of this lazy, magical, yet melancholic time of the year when the summer ends, autumn hasn’t really started yet, but “at least there’s music in the end”.

“In the case of the songs on [Esben] Hansen’s three-song EP Strange Lights, it’s a dreamy wash that burbles like thick, wine-dark lava but remains surprisingly light and touching thanks to the trill of vibrato he adds to his voice and the welcome strum of an acoustic guitar.” (Nordic Spotlight)

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