ida gard - womb tour

Her new album “Womb” is on the way (premiere: 19. February 2016), a new music video was released last week – and Ida Gard does not stop here! She already packs up her gear and hits the road to share her powerful music with the German audience!

Ida Gard’s music is a mix of inspirations coming from more acoustic genres, folk and rock. What makes this mix such an unique combination is Ida’s charisma and vocals. Add the great drummer Anne Kirstine Winkler to the picture and you’ll get a perfect live combo that will make you smile, wonder, have tears in your eyes. But what’s most important – you will leave Ida Gard’s concert full of energy, motivation and trust in yourself. Because Ida is a powerful woman who shares the strength with the audience through her music.

As you can see, we really recommend you to catch one of Ida’s shows in Germany. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of occasions to do exactly that! Check out all tour dates of the German part of Ida Gard’s “Womb” tour below.

Before that, have a look at her new music video to “The Heat” from the upcoming album, where Ida shows that she can be called a true Danish rock ‘n’ roll queen!

17.02.2016 – Braunschweig: Kaufbar
18.02.2016 – Braunschweig: Kaufbar
19.02.2016 – Berlin: Privatclub – Event on Facebook
20.02.2016 – Göttingen: Musa – Event on Facebook
21.02.2016 – Münster: Hot Jazz Club
25.02.2016 – Düsseldorf: Pitcher
26.02.2016 – Köln: Wohngemeinschaft
27.02.2016 – Stuttgart: Rakete – Event on Facebook
28.02.2016 – Mannheim: Casino
03.03.2016 – Bremen: MS Treue
04.03.2016 – Hannover: Lux
05.03.2016 – Essen: Grend
06.03.2016 – Frankfurt: sankt peter CAFE
10.03.2016 – München: Milla
11.03.2016 – Nürnberg: Club Stereo
12.03.2016 – Leipzig: Horns Erben
13.03.2016 – Erfurt: Museumskeller
17.03.2016 – Bielefeld: Bunker Ulmenwall
18.03.2016 – Kiel Umland: Lutterbeker – Event on Facebook
19.03.2016 – Husum: Speicher
20.03.2016 – Hamburg: Nochtspeicher – Event on Facebook

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