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“I’m inspired by human beings, life and the connection between mind and body”Maria Gottschalk once said in an interview regarding her debut album “Common Ground” which was released in Autumn last year. When listening to her second single “We Move With Different Speed” and watching the video for the track you know right away that this is the way she gets inspired when writing her songs.

A clear voice and sometimes fragile, sometimes even a bit gloomy tunes take us floating on to a situation we all know. Two people, two situations or two emotions start to drift apart. Everything seems to change and even if you don’t want to you are right in the middle of it and you can’t change it. Even within yourself you might have experienced those feelings. Life sometimes takes a new direction and either our hearts, minds or bodies are still stuck in how it used to be before. And all you can feel is that the different people or feelings are starting to move with different speed.

All of those emotions, that can make you unhappy, upset but sometimes also awaiting and excited seem to gather in Gottschalk’s new single and video “We Move With Different Speed”.

The Danish singer combines acoustic moments with electronic beats, a floating rhythm with a touching voice and make this track a very unique one on her current album. If you didn’t know Gottschalk before, there is a very likely chance that you will not be able to get her voice out of your head after listening to this track! Wanna try? Then move on with the same speed that we do and listen to Gottschalk’s newest song and watch her video!

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