Choir Of Young Believers - Serious Lover

Can there be any better way to start the new year, than by writing down all the great new music releases that will come in 2016? That’s a rhetorical question – at least for us, music freaks ;)

Choir Of Young Believersupcoming album is one of those releases, that Good because Danish will definitely keep an eye (or more – an ear) on. “Serious Lover” – the first single from the record “Grasque” (premiere: 19. February 2016) came out in the end of 2015 and made us… confused, mesmerized, inspired. Confused – as all Choir Of Young Believers songs make the listener feel at first. Mesmerized – by the simple beauty. Inspired – to really dig deep into it and listen to the very core of the song.

What did we hear? The 80’s and 90’s nostalgia. The melancholic look on the music legacy of George Michael, Depeche Mode and others. But also – the creative way of using the past while creating the presence and – future. Choir Of Young Believers never fear to go their own way in music. Even if it’s a way not everybody understands and appreciates from the beginning.

It was like that for me with “Serious Lover”. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I liked it. The first few notes of the song were mind-blowing, but then the core of the melody changed and… at first I felt it was kind of a boring song (I’m deeply sorry, Choir Of Young Believers!). I thought so, yet I was playing it over and over and over again. I was coming back to it all the time… And I realized, the word I was looking for to describe the song was not “boring”, but – “hypnotizing”.

Find out for yourself, how “Serious Lover” gets into your head and doesn’t leave for a long time. Listen to the single on SoundCloud or Spotify, and don’t miss the newest preview of the upcoming album “Grasque” – the single “Perfect Estocada”.

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