I don’t know about you, dear Reader, but I often have moments when all I want is to separate myself from the outside world. I dream of getting into a sound-proved bubble and be with my own thoughts, to not hear the noise of the world. If you feel that way too sometimes, we both just found the perfect music to create this separating bubble. Because when you will listen to OH GUARD, the whole world will seem to be far away and you will find peace.

The music of OH GUARD is taken from a fairy-tale land where every sound is a blessing, every melody is a cure for heart- and soul-aches, every song brings peace and softness that this world is missing so much these days.

A mix of gentle, extremely gentle electronic, classical instruments, organic sounds, vocals perfectly fitting to each of the songs… yes, it all sounds almost impossible – can music be so good? Yes. It can. OH GUARD is proving it in each and every song from the EPs “My Majestic Plural”, “Yushania” from last year and the brand new single “My Pamina”, inspired by Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” from 1791.

The atmosphere of OH GUARD’s compositions is almost holy. It feels like stepping into a quiet, peaceful church – where we can look for comfort. It’s not about the aspect of faith, but more about this special feeling you get when you’re in a church, as a building. The same feeling is there when you listen to OH GUARD.

I love Danish music, obviously. And there are many bands and artists from Denmark that I cherish a lot. But it doesn’t happen that often, that I’m completely blown away and speechless. In case of OH GUARD, I totally am. The songs are great examples of how music can truly be an experience of meeting with a higher power.

OH GUARD is the stage alias of Mads Vadsager, a Copenhagen-based artist with jazz background, an open mind and great talent.

Listen to OH GUARD on his record label husoptagelser’s SoundCloud or on Spotify – and let yourself be charmed by his brilliance.

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