Anna Scharling - From Hope EP

“This could be the start of something beautiful”, you can hear Anna Scharling’s glass clear voice singing in the first song of her self-titled debut EP, released on 27. November 2015. And this is exactly what you feel, when listening to the very first tunes of her new release.

Soft-spoken but precise, quiet but strong, clear but full of emotions – these are the thoughts circling around in my head when diving into Anna Scharling’s songs. The Danish singer-songwriter surprises with a broad vocal spectrum and a precise, intensive voice. But not only Anna’s voice and vocal volume are compelling. What makes her so special is her ability to tell stories in an original way and boasting of character. Full of strong melodies and defined rhythms she invites us to follow her while telling us the story about the people in her songs. Her style reminds of a new Nordic interpretation of what is known as typical American folk song tradition and embraces you with lyrics you will be glad to listen to and that are worth to be discovered.

But even if Anna may seem to be a new talent within the Danish music universe, she is not so new on stage. She rather has very special stage experience as she was already performing in front of chemo-therapy patients in a hospital some time ago. This gave her a very extraordinary view on performing and certainly helped to develop her ambitions for writing moving tracks even further.

So, if you are up for a new interesting Danish voice full of depth and talent – lay back and press the play-button for Anna Scharling’s newly launched debut EP.

Listen to it on Spotify or SoundCloud.

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