Christmas shots - Shy Shy ShyChristmas time is here, everybody! This year Good because Danish wants to celebrate it by giving a little inside look into what Danish artists love about this time of the year. We asked a bunch of lovely musicians to finish five sentences for us, so you can find out what their favourite things about Christmas are!

From one duo to another one! We’re having the next “5 shots (of Christmas schnapps) with the charming Shy shy shy who fulfilled many of our electro-pop wishes on their debut EP “Love Songs”. So, let’s hope their own wish for 2016 doesn’t remain unfulfilled either! Check it out below-ho-ho:

The best thing about Christmas:

A “Julefrokost” we will never forget is going to happen this Friday with our band. We’re gonna party like it’s 1999 and celebrate all the Shy moments in 2015.

If we could be Santa Claus for one night, we would want it to be any other night than Christmas Eve. We do not enjoy being so busy.

Our biggest wish for 2016 is the same thing we wish for every year. To take over the world. In smaller scale, we would love to be playing a lot of shows and festivals in 2016 and hopefully more people will get to know Shy shy shy.

Last but not least: our favorite Christmas song is “Dejlig Er Jorden” by B.S. Ingemann. It’s such a beautiful melody and it brings back many memories.

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