5 shots with SHERPA // Christmas special

Christmas shots - SHERPA 1

Christmas time is here, everybody! This year Good because Danish wants to celebrate it by giving a little inside look into what Danish artists love about this time of the year. We asked a bunch of lovely musicians to finish five sentences for us, so you can find out what their favourite things about Christmas are!

Let’s start the little series of what could be called “5 shots (of Christmas schnapps) with no other than the likeable SHERPA, who always knows how to make us dance – and now also made us laugh with his answers. Ho Ho Hope you’ll like them as much as we do!

 The best thing about Christmas is to decorate the christmas tree. Especially if you can do it like Drake ;)

 A “Julefrokost” I will never forget… Hmm.. Maybe one from highschool where we drank too much snaps in a rented boat house from the lokal sailing club. This resulting in late night skinny dipping and silly boy stuff such as rap and dance battles! (we were a class of 28 boys and 2 very tolerant girls)

 If I could be Santa Claus for one night, I would get one of the elfs to deliver the presents and Rudolf and me could lie at a beach far far away from the cold! (Denmark)

 My biggest wish for 2016 is that the governments can agree on a plan to reduce emission of greenhouse gasses so Santa and the North Pole won’t melt away! Then there would be no presents and no Christmas!

 Last but not least: my favorite Christmas song is “Last Christmas” by Wham! It is for me the sound of Christmas.