NorthFall-HovinWith the release of the debut album “Outside It’s Growing Light” in 2014, Copenhagen-based North Fall proved their talent to create captivating lo-fi indie gems teeming with melody and gloomy atmosphere. Last we could enjoy “Teeth”, which turned out to be a first glimpse of the project’s second album “Tie The Ends Tying Me” that will be released in 2016. Like it’s predecessor it will draw you in and keep you in a firm grip of intricate melodies and delicate soundscapes.

The first single of North Fall’s upcoming album is the opener “Hovin”, which we are thrilled to present in an exclusive premiere on Good because Danish today!

“Hovin” was written en route to a small music festival in Norway, happening in a village of the same name. “I tried to capture some of the expansiveness of the Norwegian landscape with the guitarwork and melody, but the song is thematically a lot more similar to the dense and gloomy pine forests up there”, tells singer and songwriter Anders Belling, the driving force behind North Fall.

The poetic lyrics and the somewhat indifferent musical feel of “Hovin” – that at times reminds of names like Bright Eyes or Death Cab For Cutie – hint at Belling’s inspiration and the almost sobering thoughts behind it:

“The song is about feeling trapped in the entrance to adulthood. It is about feeling despondent and throughly unimpressed with adult life. The song was written not long after a talk with a friend of mine, where we agreed on feeling very numb about entering our mid twenties. I think a lot of people feel disappointed with their own accomplishments around this age where comparisons to your own life are everywhere around you and in your face all the time.”

Belling thereby describes a feeling that doesn’t sound too unfamiliar to many young members of a society that constantly aims at getting better, faster and younger; a society where popular communication means like social media offer nearly unhealthy parameters of comparison which are able to create self-doubts and make one’s own life appear dull and irrelevant.

With “Hovin”, North Fall offers the listener the possibility of a mental return to images of nature and what they stand for, to tranquility and thoughtfulness. If you feel like that’s exactly what you could need in the middle of your daily life right now – press play on SoundCloud or Spotify.

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