PolaroidsOfDeadLovers-Johnny..Do you know the moments when you catch yourself thinking about all the music there is in the world and about all your favourite songs, and you wonder if any of the songs you’ll listen to in the future will actually be able to capture you in a way that you have to repeat it over and over again? Among all the new music we are regularly listening to, there are without a doubt many amazing ones; however, it is something rather special if a song really, like really captures you from the very first sound on – and when your happy brain cells go all like “this is so damn good!”.

With this in mind, you can pretty well imagine my happy brain cells when I first stumbled upon the gem with its somewhat bittersweet title “Johnny, Play Something Sad”, published only a few days ago by a pretty mysterious project with a similarly bittersweet name – Polaroids Of Dead Lovers.

While intial research literally came to nothing (not even to a Facebook page at first!), it was exciting to slowly find out that Polaroids Of Dead Lovers is a whole new solo project by 24-years old Odense based musician Lasse Liisberg. According to himself, the lo-fi indie rock music he’s making is inspired by “everything from Beatles to Unknown Mortal Orchestra”.

The atmospheric “Johnny, Play Something Sad” in particular originated from “the feeling of being lost between heaven and hell” – and drew its inspiration from a woman’s legs! In a way it is also a song about the at times quite complicated relationships between people in the modern society. Somehow the song thereby creates an intimate ambience – one where I cannot stop wondering about things like how absurd it really is, that we’re often having such a hard time to not only love somebody, but also to let anybody actually love us in return; or how we sometimes feel like we have to “save” a loved one, only to find out that we’re in fact looking for a “savior” ourselves.

Since there is something almost fragile in the act of sharing such an “unwritten” project, take good care of it while you listen to “Johnny, Play Something Sad” on SoundCloud!

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