Lydmor - Mrs Me 2.0

We have just seen Lydmor – alias lovely Jenny Rossander – performing with Bon Homme, the alter ego of WhoMadeWho’s bass player Tomas Høffding, and were amazed by their beat-heavy and melodic song “Things We Do For Love”. Already now Lydmor is serving us another pearl with “Mrs. Me 2.0”, the third single of her album “Y”. And believe me, if you haven’t loved Lydmor before, there’s a good chance that you will start adoring her just now.

When watching the video to “Mrs. Me 2.0” – directed by her good friend Hendrik Willemyns of the Belgian band Arsenal – she will instantly catch you. While listening to the touchy melody of the track you will be following her on an unsteady, insecure way through Copenhagen. When watching her being a bit out of place in this world and a little lost between reality and all the digital influences you start wondering how much of Lydmor, how much of Jenny, you find in the video. And maybe also how much of yourself, because who of us hasn’t just felt exactly the same way sometimes?

And who could express this feeling of being partially lost between two worlds and being a bit out of place any better than Lydmor? It suits her perfectly, especially when we remember how she mentioned in an interview earlier this year, that she feels right between being a classical singer/songwriter and being an electronic musician. But even if the song is about being out of place, for us Lydmor is more present, more here than ever! And we just can’t get enough of her!

If you are curious to find out more by yourself – watch Lydmor’s video for “Mrs. Me 2.0” on YouTube.

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