Holtoug - Stay In Love

This is true balm for our hearts at Good because Danish! Mikkel Houltog is back, with the totally, unbelievably great, new single “Stay In Love”. And oh yes, I am definitely in love and will stay in love with this one for a long time!

“We need each other, but we’re on our own” – these lyrics from Holtoug’s new song give a perfect summary of how this electronic gem combines a bouncing melody with melancholy. There is something hypnotizing in the song. And the music combined with the video clip to “Stay In Love”, directed and edited by Julian Niedermeier & Martin Langhof, presents the highest class.

Holtoug’s new song is that one drop of rain that brings a storm of emotions, moves the imagination to work, the brain to think and the legs – to dance. The song builds an atmosphere that gets more and more intense with each sound. The song is like an ice sculpture, getting colder and colder, to finally melt rapidly and turn into a lake of purest water.

Not often a song leaves such a strong impression on me after listening to it. Not often I can hear the sound of it in my head long after I turned off the radio. Not often it hunts me in my dreams and not often I feel a sudden need to listen to it. But with “Stay In Love” I feel all of those things and I feel them very strongly.

Listen to it on Spotify and watch the video on YouTube to find out if you’ll have the same feelings.

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