Gottschalk - Common Ground ALBUM

Maria Gottschalk is a Copenhagen-based alternative pop singer, who performs under the name Gottschalk. After the release of two well received EP’s  “Let The Sun Shine On Me This Time” (2012) and “Heart Undercover” (2013) – she now returns with her very first full-length album. It is called “Common Ground” and is about slowing down in life and living here and now. Maria explains that she got the inspiration for that record as she was on a journey in Canada, alone in the middle of the gigantic and impressive nature there.

Her music is a clever mix of electro-pop music and the typical singer-songwriter acoustic sound of the 70s with influences from bands like Blonde Redhead or Neil Young. And at this point you are just thinking “ok this can only be great”, and you are right, it is. Add to that mix a slightly hoarse voice and you get songs like “Common Ground”, “I See You Go”, “Wake Up” or “Heart Undercover”, which you will just want to be listening to on repeat again and again and again.

On the album’s release date, Gottschalk held a concert in Copenhagen with a full band and showed contagious energy on stage, as well as great potential to seriously rock the alternative pop scene. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing that power unfold completely and hope to hear Gottschalk on many festival scenes in 2016!

Listen to “Common Ground” on Spotify or find it on the music service of your choice HERE.

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