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It’s almost the end of the year, but if you’re a fan of good music, you still can enjoy live shows in December! For example, if you go to the Belgian city of Ghent between 10. and 12. December – to celebrate the end of the festival season 2015 at Glimps Festival! We are happy to see so many Danish acts included in the line-up, which makes Glimps our festival recommendation for you.

The motto of Glimps is “tomorrow’s music now” and we feel strongly connected to it, since Good because Danish tries to show you the upcoming acts that we believe might get somewhere in the future.

And we definitely consider the Danish projects chosen to play in Ghent this year as such future hopes! Lydmor & Bon Homme are already well-established musicians who recently released their debut album as a duo – and they really “click” on stage. Jacob Bellens and Nils Gröndahl are true bards of the Danish music scene whose mature music gives a lot to think about. But since Glimps is about upcoming music, we are thrilled to see that the rockers from Shiny Darkly and Yung,the powerful live band Keep Camping and the young electro act Taragana Pyjarama get a chance to present their music to an international audience in Belgium.

Along with the concerts and the celebration of live music, Glimps includes also the more “business-y” side of music with their Glimps Conference.  The programme is very rich and various, with topics like a fair payment model for artists & music companies and the possibility – which Good because Danish obviously is very interested in – to “Meet the Blogs”.

Before turning into a cuddly teddy bear, with tea, a warm sweater and covered in blankets at home, make one last festival memory and visit Ghent in December!

Turn in the “Glimps Festival mode” by listening to the event’s playlist on YouTube.

10-12.12.2015 – Ghent (BE): different locations – Event on Facebook

(in alphabetical order)

11.12.2015 – Handelsbeurs at 20:00
12.12.2015 – Lakenmetershuis at 23:40

11.12.2015 – Trefpunt at 21:50

10.12.2015 – Charlatan at 23:00

11.12.2015 – Charlatan at 20:00
12.12.2015 – St. Jakobskerk: at 21:00

11.12.2015 – Handelsbeurs at 21:10
12.12.2015 – Charlatan at 22:20

11.11.2015 – Handelsbeurs at 22:20
12.12.2015 – Trefpunt at 23:50

11.12.2015 – Handelsbeurs at 23:30
12.12.2015 – Minnemeers at 22:00

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