ShadowAge-EPHo boy! Thanks universe! At first I was just annoyed that I did not discover Shadow Age’s self-titled debut EP before, even though it was already released on 27. July via Native of the North (where was I ?!). Because it means that I have only been able to listen to it on repeat for the past week instead of the last 3 months!

But actually the timing couldn’t have been better because I have just found THE soundtrack that will make me psychologically ready – and even willing (!) – to enter the darkest months of the year. So if you also need some kind of free self-medication, here you are!

Shadow Age aka Copenhagen-based producer Benjamin Fischermann makes dark and melancholic electronica, minimalistic and cold but still remarkably harmonious. His music feels like walking in slow motion through deserted nature at twilight with icy wind whipping your face and frozen grass crunching under your feet. The first single “Shutter” was issued in January, followed by the track “Vexed”, which was accompanied by a music video that you can watch HERE.

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Fischermann has made this EP locked away in a basement studio, alone, in the winter. And actually, it feels like the record in its whole tells the story of its own production throughout the four tracks that compose it.

The first of them, “Vexed”, conveys a feeling of excitation mixed with some apprehension. The project gets started, but the journey will be long. It is followed by “Shutter”, a considerably darker song, a bit tortured – symbolising an absence of inspiration maybe? In “Void” (my personal favourite), the storm seems to have passed, you’re getting on the road again and you even catch some glimpses of hope. And suddenly you find it, the object of your quest, maybe the moment where Fischermann found exactly the sound he was after? Who knows. The closing track, “End”, is pretty self-explanatory. The project is over. It feels good. You feel like you’ve changed a bit. Maybe. You go out and notice the light touch of the winter sun of your face. You start walking again.

Can you see it? Ok, maybe it is because you haven’t (yet) listened to it 3 billion times like I did. But at least I know now that I am going to make it through the (Danish) winter. Can you say the same? Well, you see, so now go ahead and listen to this sumptuous Shadow Age EP on Spotify or SoundCloud.

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