The wonderful RHYE are taking their music on a trip around the world. Among the various stops, the duo will also come to Australia for the very first time! Someone who is especially excited about this fact, is our personal down under-correspondent Nick – so, why not give the word to him?

“To me, Rhye encapsulate a lot of what Denmark is. It is windy, unabashedly wears its heart right on its sleeve, and there is always some sort of fog coming in to lift you away. Despite the band being one half Canadian, the band sits high up in a beautiful Danish reserve in my brain, always drawn from as this highly elemental, emotional thing.

So, it is with some reserved frenzy that I find out Rhye are visiting me! In Australia! I can’t exactly conceptualise it, but it makes me very happy to even hear Rhye and Australia in the same sentence.

Yes, those beautiful people who brought us brooding yet hope numbers “Open” and “The Fall” will descend on a seasonally confused Sydney in a couple of weeks.

Come and have a bloody wonderful night at Oxford Arts Factory on 17. and 18. October!”

Below you can find all other dates of the tour. For anyone who won’t be able to catch Rhye at all, you will find some impressions after the Sydney shows here on Good because Danish!

17.10.2015 – Sydney (AU): OXFORD ART FACTORY
18.10.2015 – Sydney (AU): OXFORD ART FACTORY
21.10.2015 – Melbourne (AU): Melbourne Festival
22.10.2015 – Melbourne (AU): Melbourne Festival
25.10.2015 – Zürich (CH): Rote Fabrik
26.10.2015 – Luxembourg (LU): KULTURFABRIK
27.10.2015 – Brussels (BE): Botanique
30.10.2015 – Paris (FR): Pitchfork Music Festival
31.10.2015 – London (UK): Mirrors – St John at Hackney
02.11.2015 – Tel Aviv-Yafo (IL): Barby
03.11.2015 – Istanbul (TR): Salon
05.11.2015 – Amsterdam (NL): Paradiso
07.11.2015 – Berlin (DE): Lido
08.11.2015 – Prague (CZ): Meet Factory
14.11.2015 – Santiago (CL): Primavera Fauna

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