marstal lidell - Watch

“I forgot to open my mouth and speak out loud
I did not foresee the crash that I could warn about”

These lyrics from marstal:lidell‘s brand new single “Watch” express the feeling of being frustrated by all the news about our world out of balance. As paralyzing this captured feeling, as mesmerizing is the video to “Watch”. Therefore we are stoked to present its exclusive video premiere on Good because Danish!

In a world where information chase information our brains are flooded with data that they simply cannot process. We can’t see clear, we can’t have any peace of mind. We disappear under the wave of constantly delivered news.

This situation of frustration is gently portrayed in the classy video to “Watch” .

The woman in the music video seems to accept the daily stories about refugees, surveillance, war and hate with eyes closed. However, in the end we can see a sign of change, action, maybe the decision to break the routine.

Even though the music video to “Watch” is simple and static, it manages to keep the attention. Subconsciously, the viewer is looking forward for a change to happen – but it’s not a boring wait. With the calm black and white images, marstal:lidell accomplish to say much more than any huge, action-loaded video clip ever could. We like the simplicity!

“Watch” is a composition about important issues and problems. But the thoughts are delivered in a considerate way. Something, that we all miss these days. No drama, no “news”, no rush. Just the hypnotizing voice of Anna Lidell and the gentle musical background for it.

What more could we want from a song and its perfectly suiting video? Just maybe that it lasts forever… but that’s what the repeat button is for.

Watch the video to marstal:lidell’s single “Watch” exclusively on Good because Danish today!

P.S. Make sure to check out marstal:lidell’s German tour dates HERE.

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