Mount Rushmore Safari - Songs For Ones Who Break 2015

After their gorgeous debut album “Elba” from 2013, Mount Rushmore Safari are back with a new LP named “Songs For Ones Who Break”, released on 23. October 2015 on TRECHOMA RECORDS.

The title sounds promising: the album is supposed to be about life’s ups and downs, dedicated to those who have experienced the good and the bad. Singer and songwriter Andreas Sorgenfrei probably knows best that you can fall down, but the thing is to get back up again – whereas “Elba” sounded darker and a bit depressive with lots of pathetic synths, the new songs send out confidence. The sound is reduced to rock music essentials but without lacking any of Mount Rushmore Safari’s certain musical sophistication, and once again strong metaphorical lyrics prove an intelligent songwriting.

The opener “Minute We Decide” is a prelude to an emotional rollercoaster ride: optimism and hope are paired with bittersweet melancholy about what has vanished and gone. “And the rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling, rain falls hard in your eyes”, Sorgenfrei sings in “River Of Light” that has already been released with a music video. The story is conflicting, but taken from real life like the meaning of the whole album seems to be. It doesn’t matter how hard you fall, it’s the things you love and believe in that help you out of the darkness into an “afterlife” worth living. The newly found joy of life culminates in “Seaside”, a very forward track that moves and thrills with dancy rhythms and encouraging lyrics.

Fast and catchy guitar riffs mixed with 1980s and indie pop/rock elements run like a red thread through the album. Some compositions are very alternative, others sound rather cheerful, reminding of iconic bands like The Cure and Erasure.

Gentle and ruminative tones appear in “Waltz of the Antichrist” which comes up with a calm acoustic guitar and in the sublime and gospel-like “Sound of Love”. Both arouse a mournful feeling, but still remind the listener to look on the bright side of life and to dream on.

“Nobody can know for sure, no one will ever know” – but what I can tell for sure is that “Songs For Ones Who Break” from Mount Rushmore Safari is a fine and sensitive record worth listening to.

Listen to “Songs For Ones Who Break” on Spotify.

Guest Blogger: Mareike Vendt

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