MaMA Event-2015

Parlez-vous français? It doesn’t really matter if your answer is no, because once the leading music industry festival in France – the MaMA Eventis opening its doors for 3 days of concerts, conferences and networking between 14. and 16. October, the only important language in Paris is music.

MaMA combines both, a convention with debates and workshops, and a real music festival in the heart of the French capital. During the festival where will be 120 concerts in 15 unique venues and places of the famous, arty districts Pigalle and Montmartre. 

Among those numerous concerts, there’s also space for a hint of Denmark: CHINAH, Dad Rocks!, Palace Winter and Lydmor & Bon Homme will be representing the Danish music scene during MaMA Festival. 

The last three names got chosen of MaMA’s booking team during this year’s SPOT Festival and will therefore play during the “Spot on Denmark” Night on Friday, 15. October, which is organized by Music Export Denmark, the Danish Arts Foundation and other Danish music organizations.

Check out all play times below and get in the mood for MaMA 2015 with the following video teaser:

(in chronological order)

15.10.2015 – Les Trois Baudets at 20:00

15.10.2015 – Les Trois Baudets at 21:10

15.10.2015 – Les Trois Baudets at 22:20

15.10.2015 – La Foule – Bas at 23:35


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