HON - Honeydream

When nostalgic moments meet dreamy illusions and a deep insight in current feelings, when catchy dance rhythms meet 80’s-electropop – then you are most probably listening to “Honeydream”, one new song of Hôn.

Hôn – that is Jesper Lidang, frontman and singer of the band The Rumour Said Fire. You might have heard of him and his solo project Hôn already before when listening to the first song “Silent Lover” which was the first single of his upcoming album “White Lion” that will be out in October this year.

When listening to his track “Honeydream” it is hard to decide if you simply want to groove to the jolly, dancy keyboard tunes and drum machine sounds and just enjoy the engaging melody of the song or if you rather want to drift away into your very own nostalgic emotions and focus on the depth of Jesper’s lyrics that explain the story about “how lost you can feel sometimes when you are between loving and leaving someone” as Hôn describes it.

If you are not quite sure yet for which side your heart is beating when listening to the track – more on the dancing or more on the thoughtful – have a look at the video that is the perfect match for the song. Hôn and Hanne Uldal, a well-known Danish actress who is starring as the counterpart of Jesper in the video, are perfectly embodying the lyrics and dragging you into the bittersweet atmosphere of the song. And then you will see, after watching the video and even after getting all nostalgic and emotional, your feet will definitely feel antsy to move and will ask you for a little spin around on the dancefloor. So better be prepared and get your dancing shoes on…

In case the song and video get you into the mood for more from Hôn, check out his latest single “S.U.B.” and stay curious to hear his album which is expected to be out on 30. October.

Listen to “Honeydream” on SoundCloud and watch the video clip to it on YouTube.

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