“Electric Lives” is a very solid, sometimes gorgeous album from Aarhus rockers Go Go Berlin.

Like many classic rock outfits, at the centre of Go Go Berlin is the band’s pulse, its vocalist Christian Vium. He has this warm unteachable Chris Cornell-like warble, something that unites the bands objectives and propels their music.

The band however, are no slouches. They play their instruments from all walks of the spectrum: ultra-tricky to jaw droppingly simple dum fun. It was great to hear a solo. I haven’t heard a proper solo for so long. On “All Mine”, there is an awesome, wig out jam with whizzy guitars, bringing to mind a crowd full of joy dancing along.

The cinematic element is here too. The instrumental opener sounds like a Bond meets Muse track. That is, if Muse could actually play a fun song again (Muse are not fun).

Drums sound massive, especially on the ultra-cinematic, Kashmir-esqe “Electric Lives”. Here we have strings stabbing within heavy jabs of electric guitar. It is a tipping of the hat to golden era rock’n’roll, while bringing enough of their own sense of youthful urgency.

There are times where the earnestness of the band works to their detriment. They touch on the styles of popular bands: Kings of Leon (“The Party”) and Arctic Monkeys (“Maybe Tomorrow”), perhaps, eager to please a growing fan base. But they are much too unique and likeable to really worry about this. Consistently, they keep bring beautiful chorus after chorus, featuring sun tinged harmonies that give the one fingered salute to glum Danish weather.

Stream the album “Electric Lives” on Spotify or get it over at iTunes.

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