First Hate 2015 - Trojan Horse post

We mentioned this Copenhagen-based duo before on Good because Danish, but with their new single “Trojan Horse” we really can tell – First Hate‘s nostalgia for the 80’s and their mix of Joy Division and Depeche Mode styles is something truly unique.

There are songs that leave me speechless for a long time and I can’t figure out one good sentence to write about them. “Trojan Horse” is one of these songs. It’s just too good to talk it over or to oversell it. I should basically write “yeah, listen to it, it’s quite good…” and then you should be like – BOOM – hit by the fact how super awesome it is!

I know, now I already spoiled the surprise for you. Spoiler alert! ;)

When it comes to First Hate, it’s really hard to say something objective about the music. Either you will fall in love with it from the first listen, or you will hate it, never fully understanding what the whole “wow” is about. I’m the first case. 100% amazed by the mix of gloomy vocals and the Depeche Mode spirit of the songs. The spirit though is not some “copy-paste” method of making music. First Hate don’t copy from anyone. But there will surely be someone copying from them. They are just that good!

Give “Trojan Horse” a listen on SoundCloud and see if you’ll be as amazed as I am with First Hate’s music.

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