The Reeling - Catalyst

Light-hearted summer months change into foggy and more thoughtful autumn days. This is the time for some quiet moments. The perfect music match for these days you will find with “Catalyst”, the melodic, new song of Copenhagen based duo The Reeling.

Gloomy bass tunes open the song and create a nearly mystic stage for these deep and thoughtful, personal lyrics. The song tells about “the dreadful aspects of this life” but also defends the “good aspects of life without joy and happiness being a constant necessary condition” – explains Daniel Abraham, lead singer and songwriter of The Reeling.

While listening to the seducing, piano-paced bass tones of bass-player Jonas Visti and Daniel’s intensive voice you can dive deep into your own world and enjoy a quiet moment.

The tunes will get even more touching when having a look at the newly launched video that has been created by artist and graphic designer Louise Huus.

Ready for some calm autumn minutes that are full of peace, while gloomy melodies and a strong voice accompany your thoughts, memories and feelings? Then you should definitely have a look at The Reeling’s “Catalyst”!

Listen to “Catalyst” on SoundCloud or Spotify, and watch the video clip to it on YouTube.

If The Reeling are your perfect companions for the upcoming autumn you can see them in and around Copenhagen soon, where they will be playing some gigs during the next months until they will release their first EP in spring 2016. Don’t miss out!

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