Oppenheimer-VeroniqueLast Saturday Good because Danish attended Oppenheimer, a one-day festival in Aarhus for upcoming Danish acts, and let me reassure you right away: you don’t need to worry about Denmark running out of great talents!

In Lonely Majesty opened the night with an impeccable performance of their catchy indie-Irish-folk, which instantly spread a happy feeling amongst the so far still quiet audience.

They were followed by Shy shy shy who electrified the atmosphere with their melodic pop and their totally contagious, yet at times a bit chaotic energy.

The first great surprise of the evening came from Manus Nigra, whose music is a clever mix of hip-hop, trip-hop and neo-soul. The harmony between rapper Ham Den Lange, singer Lea Harder aka Fönix and producer Swab functions perfectly, and I got immediately caught in their musical universe. Special thumbs up to Lea, whose wonderful voice could easily deserve even more space.

The highlight of the evening was without any doubt Velvet Volume, who had the entire room under their spell all the way from the first riffs of the instrumental intro up to the very eloquent “This is how love ends”. The three sisters taught Radar a great lesson, showing that femininity can perfectly rhyme with fucking loud rock and ass-kicking attitude. And no, I won’t mind my language because this concert was simply too liberating!

Special final guest Asbjørn had obviously quite a challenge to take up and I personally think that he met the expectations, even though the room suddenly got strangely empty. It was only during the very last song, “The Criminal”, that Asbjørn finally got the party he deserved. I had hoped that the audience at Radar that night would have unleashed their pop side a bit earlier, letting Asbjørn guide them, even though I doubt that anybody will ever even remotely be able to match his amazing dance moves.

All in all, it was a very positive night a Radar for this 16th edition of the mini-festival and you should definitely keep an eye on these 5 highly qualitative bands. See you next year, Oppenheimer!

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