ONBC is out with the first single from their debut album “Crash, Burn and Cry”. We zoomed in to take a closer look at the music video that visualizes the levitating and slightly melancholic indie pop song “White Trash”. And so should you!

If one does not pay close attention, the beautiful imagery and the safe environments might convey an innocent story, or what could be a dream maybe, about kids exploring the world of adults.

It may seem like an innocent game. But look closer, and you will realize that just as most games being played without knowing the rules, the boundaries that separates right from wrong get a bit blurry. Kids are given false promises of what growing up is supposed to mean. They make mistakes that aren’t their own in order to mature and the grown-up world witnesses the destruction of what was once pure and naive.

The video is shifting between telling the story of the kids and showing pictures of Camilla Florentz (vocals/bass) and Tanja Forsberg Simonsen (vocals/synth) sitting in a couch in the dark woods. It is as if they were observing the course of events perfectly aware of what was going on but unable to do something about it. Maybe what they see are the youths of today, maybe they are looking at themselves in their teenage years.

And it sure is beautiful, it is heartbreaking. It is terrifying and when you look back it may seem like it was all a dream. It’s the teenage years, and sure, “You’re a little bit of everything”…

Watch the video to “White Trash” on YouTube.

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