WHYTE, the Danish-Icelandic electronic duo, will steal your heart with their debut EP “K.B.H.”, released earlier this year – we guarantee it!

It’s been a while now since we first heard of WHYTE. But their chill-out, somewhat lazy music accompanies us since the very first single “LDN”. There is some sort of “in your face” and “we don’t give a fuck” attitude in the music.

The EP title “K.B.H.” stands for “Kinky, Bankrupt and Hungry” and I guess there really is a bit of it all in the songs. The EP starts with the chilled track “Lori”, which gives you the feeling of entering WHYTE’s rehearsal space. Listening to this track almost seems like eavesdropping on it. Then we go over to “Sunday Slut” and – it’s meant as a compliment – to me, the vocals in this track have something from Craig David.

WHYTE decided to collaborate with the electrifying female vocalist Nita and the result – “January” – gives your body these nice shivers coming through the whole spine. But the true and biggest delight to me is still the single “LDN”. This song is just so… unique and universal. Can’t resist to its charm.

After the gem – which “LDN” definitely is – the closure of the “K.B.H.” EP puts you to your knees. The pop vibe and electronic background of “We Are” makes you slowly drift away with WHYTE.

“K.B.H.” is a piece of music that mixes all the smoothest elements of r&b, pop and electronic, additionally adding the Scandinavian/Nordic roughness and sadness to the package. Judge the result of such combination yourself – we dig it! And we’re looking forward to hear more from WHYTE in the nearest future.

Stream the EP “K.B.H.” on SoundCloud or buy it via iTunes (in Scandinavia only).

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