Velvet Volume

The three sisters – Noa, Naomi and Nataja – obviously share a rockin’ DNA and talent to make powerful tunes as Velvet Volume.

Earlier this year, Danish music magazine GAFFA wrote about them:

“Velvet Volume is one of the most promising and exciting new live bands in Danish rock. It will be intriguing to see how they will perform on an inevitable future studio release”.

Now we’ve got the answer, as the double single “Runnin’ Wild” + “I Think I Need You” was released on 17. August 2015. And it seems like Velvet Volume gives another proof with their music, that rock never dies!

The great vibe can be heard in both “Runnin’ Wild” and “I Think I Need You”. While the first song “Runnin’ Wild” is more bright and a great soundtrack on a crazy summer road trip to nowhere with friends, the second one “I Think I Need You” has a more raw sound, showing the natural, almost animal instinct that leads Velvet Volume’s ladies in making music.

I feel a wave of affection for good guitar riffs and melodic rock tunes, when I listen to Velvet Volume. They sound as if they were daughters of the Sex Pistols. 

Check out the double single from Velvet Volume on a streaming service of your choice: “Runnin’ Wild” + “I Think I Need You”. We’re sure you’ll get as hungry for more music from them as we got after listening to the songs!

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