What a lovely tradition that record label Sound of Copenhagen started 8 (!) years ago with their biannually released compilations, promoting lots of Danish electro-pop gems! Since we are all about promoting Danish gems ourselves, we are loyal listeners and really excited about every new collection. Just as the latest  – Sound of Copenhagen vol. 15 – which was released earlier this month.

The exciting part about these compilations is the possibility of (re-)discovering artists and new favourite songs within a little more than 1 hour. While you might know some of the names, others will be completely new to your ears – and even the known ones get a fresh charm among those unknown tunes. 

All 15 artists are featured with some pretty cool tracks, but there is a bunch I specifically came back to after listening through the whole mix:

One of those is the second track of the compilation: the breezy, fun “Young Again” – the first single of new Copenhagen project GENTS, which was released earlier this year. While listening to it, you can literally see how the relaxing deep vocals dance with the poppy, 80’s synth tunes. This “dance” basically kisses the attribute “personal summer hit” on the song’s cheek.

My next personal hit on Sound of Copenhagen vol. 15 is debut release “Ricochet” by Trondheim talent Gunhild Jarwson Tekle a.k.a. guns. The fact that the great Norwegian newcomer teamed up with Ice Cream Cathedral’s Anders Bach to produce this light, blissful pop tune helps to not feel too unfaithful towards our red-white-coloured music heart.

From one fruitful collaboration to the next: Kristian Kamp‘s brilliant “Suddenly” gets lifted to an even higher level by featuring songstress Lisa Alma. Kamp weaves her beautiful, clear vocals into his own majestic soundscapes. 4 minutes and 11 seconds are sometimes simply not enough.

Another highlight on the compilation is “Colorful” from Kúra‘s upcoming EP which is supposed to be out in the end of September. With lines like “I don’t need to be with you // Without you I feel so colorful” the track is a subtle manifesto to leave behind all forces that literally blacken personal colors, to get rid of everything that doesn’t allow oneself to shine. Wrapped in soothing electro tunes, this should be the calm “battle song” for everyone who feels the need to move on.

Ahhh, honestly – all other 11 tracks are just as great! If you want to find your personal favourites on Sound of Copenhagen vol. 15, you can check out the compilation on the streaming service of your choice HERE or on SoundCloud:

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