Kill J is one of our favorite female Danish artists since the very first single “Phoenix” – that’s no secret. But what she has done in the new song “Propaganda” really proved us that this girl is truly… AWESOME!

If you ever doubted that a delicate, fragile and “very female” woman can have amazing street style coloured power and charisma… well, you don’t doubt it anymore after listening to “Propaganda”.

Kill J sings in the song:

“You will never make it in the business //
You´ve got no fuckability – too much opinion”

Seems like she proved the nonbelievers wrong.

Fragile vocals and a dark, heavy beat mix with each other like two snakes dancing and testing each other’s ability to kill.

The whole song is like Kill J – you never know where she will end up. Here, she finishes with a super high tone and one word sung with delicacy and power: “Propaganda”… and that’s how it’s done.

Girls, this is the spirit you want to have in you as women – boys, this is the female character you must learn to respect. Kill J speaks up about things that aren’t popular topics. She stands up for herself, non-apologetic, as any woman should be able to. Or – to not make it such a feministic issue – as any artists should be able to. As any human being should be able to. We cheer for her in that quest. And if we were curious of her next move before, now we’re dying of hunger for new music from Kill J!

Listen to “Propaganda” on SoundCloud or Spotify. For all lyrics lovers, Kill J also prepared a special lyrics video to the song, which you can watch on YouTube.

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