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These three guys don’t make music, they make magic happen.

“I see the shore on the other side (…)” is the first verse of Kentaur’s first single “Matter & Stone”. It’s a perfect description of their music. It calms down, it gives hope, it’s like coming back home.

Kentaur is a trio consisting of Søren, Marc and Mikkel. As we found out during an interview at SPOT Festival 2015, the guys had a lot to do with electronic music before starting the band – but don’t expect DJ sets from them, oh no! Kentaur doesn’t break with electronic, but it’s 100% live music, organic and as human as it can be.

The trio first showed two singles to the world: the already mentioned “Matter & Stone” and  “Arms of the Infinite” (along with a beautiful video made by KnockKnock). Both songs are like… falling into the soft sheets in your bed after a long day. After the singles we finally got the chance to listen to the debut EP “Vertebra by Vertebra”. And what an EP it is…

As you can see while reading this post, I’m throwing with words of admiration and can’t really create one concrete sentence about Kentaur. It’s because the music is just intoxicating and so unique that it’s hard to compare or paint any pictures about it with words. You just have to listen to it.

Especially one of the songs which certainly will stay with me until I die: “Collarbone”.

Live instruments gracefully dancing with each other in each song, electronic vibes that are somehow created by them, deep vocals, an amazingly pure atmosphere of the compositions – that’s Kentaur. They managed to mix Jamie Woon, James Blake (okay, finally some comparisons appeared) and many many more influences to create something special. If music was a person, that’s how her soul would sound like.

Listen to the EP “Vertebra by Vertebra” on Spotifybuy it via iTunes or check out the music on SoundCloud.

PS: Danish music lovers from CopenhagenKentaur play Jazzhouse on 11. November 2015. Details can be found HERE.

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