Trailerpark Festival 2015

There is a festival that celebrates the essence of Danish creativity. There is a festival where all arts join forces to bring joy and good time to people. It’s one of our favourite Danish summer festivals. Yes! Trailerpark Festival! Between 30. July and 1. August, the cozy city festival will once again take place at Copenhagen Skatepark.

The festival is a great initiative to expose art, design and music – and the symbiosis of them all. Year after year the organizators create wonders by turning the Skatepark area into a creative festival ground, with uniquely designed stages and cozy hangout spots. We can’t wait to see how the festival area will look like this time!

This year Trailerpark will launch a new part of the event called Trailerpark I/O – a natural progression of the festival’s whole concept, unfolded as a new daytime lineup of talks, exhibitions, makerthons, hackerthons and innovation labs:

“Trailerpark I/O stands for Input/Output and symbolises the discovery of technology, creativity and human interaction. We bring together rebels from multiple and diverse artistic and digital landscapes, to explore technologies, co-create radical solutions, showcase new talents and share ideas. Oh, and of course have a lot of fun together” (Trailerpark Festival website)

Since Good because Danish is all about Danish music, we of course focus the most on the music part of Trailerpark Festival. And we’re thrilled about this year’s line-up! Starting with the veterans of Denmark’s music scene Oh Land and Den Sorte Skole, over GbD favourites like Rangleklods, Darkness Falls,  Blaue Blume, The Attic Sleepers, Waitress, Magnolia Shoals and Kenton Slash Demon, to the fairly newcomers – Shadow Age, Saint Cava, WHYTE, ANYA or Soho Rezanejad – Trailerpark Festival’s line-up is filled with gems that will satisfy a wide range of music lovers!

If you’re a fan of electronic music, prepare yourselves for a great party with DJ sets by Buda, T.O.M., Djuna Barnes, Kasper Bjorke, Mikkel Holtoug or Borneland, among others.

You are not quite convinced you want to go to Trailerpark Festival 2015? We will leave you with Native Of The North‘s special Trailerpark Festival 2015 SoundCloud playlist to help you make up your mind:

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30.07-01.08.2015: Copenhagen – CPH Skatepark – Event on Facebook

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