Roskilde Rising 2015

“Rising is about everything that’s growing. Thoughts, opinions, bands, our hearts. It’s an area where you can meet people, exchange ideas and catch something on the rise – it might be yourself.” (Roskilde Festival website)

Good because Danish attended Roskilde Festival for the very first time in 2014 – and had an absolutely awesome experience there! As we’re especially focusing on sharing news about upcoming Danish artists and bands, we presented the exciting Roskilde Rising project to you last year. It was great to see the shows of those fresh bands playing the warm up days, so we are more than happy to see how Roskilde Rising is growing. We’re thrilled to see its new face at this year’s Roskilde Festival. And there are a lot of changes and additions waiting for us!

In 2015 the Rising scene is located close to City Centre West. You won’t miss it, since the new stage will have a pyramid-like shape this year. Additionally, two mirror-covered tepees – the Dreamcatchers – will be built next to the stage, creating a whole Rising area.

Besides the “regular” concerts, Roskilde Rising will offer a bunch of other activities to attend and try out this year. Make sure you step by and check out what there is to do! Among many others, you can attend Late Night Cinema (presented by CPH:DOX), Orgasm workshops that should help you get to know your body or Silent Dinners with a stranger. These are just a few examples of the extraordinary programme of events prepared for you. It might all sound a bit mysterious – to clear it up, you can check the full schedule of Rising’s cultural events HERE.

“Our focus is: What makes a meaningful life for the youth of today? We will present an inspiring and engaging palette of new activities in different formats, from the close and intimate to global activism – all of them dealing with this focus.” (Roskilde Festival website)

Of course there is still the musical part of Roskilde Rising! In addition to their official gigs on the Rising main stage, this year’s chosen bands (see the line-up below) will also play pop-up-concerts and intimate shows for what is called Roskilde Rising EXTRA. Find an overview of these exciting events here:

Pop-up concerts with MOLLY and O’HARA
Saturday, 27.06. – 14:00 – Roskilde: Train station

Concert and drag-show with O’HARA
Monday, 29.06. – 17:45 – Roskilde Festival: Dreamcatcher, Rising area

Pop-up concerts with YUNG and GOOMS
Monday, 29.06. – 20:00 – Roskilde Festival: Dream City Collective, Dream City – Event on Facebook

Intimate show with LOWLY
Tuesday, 30.06. – 16:15 – Roskilde Festival: Dreamcatcher, Rising area

Tuesday, 30.06. – 20:00 – Roskilde Festival: The City Hall, Dream City – Event on Facebook

Wednesday, 01.07. – 12:00 – Roskilde Festival: International Press Lounge

Roskilde Rising 2015 line up

We cannot wait to see the upscaled Roskilde Rising area – and will definitely share some impressions with you on our Instagram @goodbecausedanish! Follow the live updates there and if you’re attending the festival, feel free to share your photos by using our hashtag #goodbecausedanish. Have an awesome Roskilde Festival!

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